Social Media

  • Social Strategy – there is more that goes into social media than what meets the eye. Let me be those second set of eyeballs to make sure you’re covered!
  • Content Creation – professional photos that are tailored to what the consumers who matter, a.k.a. “Instagram Addicts”, want to see.
  • Growth – see those followers go up! Guaranteed organic growth of your following based on targeted hashtags, demographics, and locations.
  • Management – why stress when you can have an expert do it for you? Service from A-Z across social platforms – anything from engagement, to posting, to live response feedback.

Experiential Marketing

  • Influencer Marketing – micro influencers are the future of marketing. Imagine having the impact of a trusted friend’s opinion, but now 100x ? With a trusted network, activate influencers to tell a story for your brand!
  • Events – there is nothing like a first-hand experience. Let me put on my boots, hit the ground running, and tell your brands story! Whether you’re a venue, product, or person…. I have a spot for you!
  • Video Production – yeah you know those crazy cool drone videos?…. well, I’ve got you covered. Let the excitement kick in now!

Digital Strategy 

  • Design – turning blah to beautiful. From logos to business cards to menus, let me improve the visual appearance of your brand!
  • Websites – foundations are truly the most important. Let’s make sure your website is looking brand spankin’ new!
  • SEO – everyone wants to be popular right ?!? – it is the same on Google! Make sure you are ranked at the top!